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Webinar Series 5

Rp 5,00

Molo Weaving and the Guardian of Identity

Speakers :

Aleta Buan (An indigenous woman leader, the winner of Goldman Environmental Prize Award 2013, Founder of Mama Aleta Fund)

Siti Maimunah (Founder of Mama Aleta Fund, University of Passau, WEGO-ITN/Marie Sklodowska Curie Fellow.

Moderator :

Grace Tanjohannes (Journalist)


Thrusday, June 16, 2020

Time: 2.00 PM (Jakarta Time)


" The webinars will be accessible through a minimum donation of USD $5. These donations will go directly to supporting the artisans featured in the webinars; for immediate needs and especially for the purchase of materials needed to continue their craft traditions."