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Tewuni Rai Savu - tubular cloth or sarong for a girl èi lekowue

Rp 1.045.000,00


Children’s clothes until puberty have stripes but no ikat motifs. The first sarong worn by a girl, èi lekowue, traditionally did not have the red colour either. An adult size sarong for members of the Lesser Blossom group has four large black bands per half piece. However for a girl there are often only three black bands. Yet black edges at the middle seam still identify the wearer as a member of the Lesser Blossom group.

Weaver: Bae Dule

Moiety:  Lesser Blossom (hubi iki)

Maternal lineage: wini  Jèwu

Dye process:   Bae Dule

Materials: Natural dyes (warna alam): indigo (nila), morinda (mengkudu), commercial cotton (benang katun)

Dimensions: L: 106 cm (weft) x l: 47cm (warp)

Color: Blue and white