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Tewuni Rai Savu - Shoulder cloth 3 bands of motifs hi’i wotèlu huri boda nga dula

Rp 790.000,00


The motif boda is a common motif for men hip- and shoulder cloths and is based on the shape of a lozange. The motif dula refers to the lontar container used by men for tapping the sap of the lontar palm tree. A small container of the same shape and name is also used for the traditional baptism (daba) of young children. Technically the cloth can be called hi’i worapi as worapi refers to textiles showing three colours in the ikat bands of motifs.

Ikat, dye and weaving process: Bae Dule

Moiety:  Lesser Blossom (hubi iki)

Maternal lineage: wini  Jèwu

Motif: boda and dula

Materials: Natural dyes (warna alam): indigo (nila), morinda (mengkudu), commercial cotton (benang katun)

Dimensions: L: 130 cm  (warp) x  l: 47cm (weft)

Color: Blue, red and white