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Tewuni Rai Savu - Ei Raja

Rp 2.375.000,00


Tubular cloths for women of the type èi raja were in the past restricted to female members  of a ruler family. Kobe morena is the primary motif of the female lineage  Ga Lena which was created either shortly before of the arrival of the Portuguese in the area  (15th Century) or in the first half of the 16th C.The ancestress Ga Lena is a cultural hero who played a strategic role at a time of warfare, is still worshipped today. Her descendants only are entitled to wear the Kobe morena motif.

Dyer and weaver: Dule Mudji,  moiety: hubi ae, female lineage: wini ga

Main motif: Kobe Morena (‘female Kobe’)

Material: commercial cotton

Dimension: 167 cm x 59 cm

Color: Red, blue, white, and yellow (all vegetable dyes)