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Tewuni Rai Savu - Ei Ledo

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Sarongs of the type èi ledo are restricted to women of the Lesser Blossom group (hubi iki). The main motif  kètu pedi, is associated with the female ancestor Pago Jami of the lineage wini Jewu. She married twice and has descendants on both islands Savu and Raijua. In Raijua she married a local ruler, Alo Ruha whose son, Mau Alo, is mentioned in VOC documents of the 1680s. (about 14 generations ago).

Weaver and dyer: Bae Dule

Moiety: hubi iki, female lineage: wini Jèwu

Main Motif: Kètu pedi

Material: commercial cotton

Dimension: 158 cm x l: 60 cm

Color: Blue, red, and white