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Tewuni Rai Savu - Savu Shoulder cloth Selendang Makassar

Rp 395.000,00


Makassarese traders were invited by the raja (ruler) Ama Nia Jawa to establish themselves near the harbour of Seba in the 1860s to open a market. This motif related to them is not restricted to any group.

Ikat process, dyer and weaver: Bae Dule

Moiety:  Lesser  Blossom (hubi iki)

Maternal lineage: wini Jèwu

Motif: Makassar

Materials: Natural dyes (warna alam): indigo (nila), morinda (mengkudu), commercial cotton (benang katun)

Dimensions: 165 cm x 18 cm

Color: Red, yellow, and white