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Griya Kulit - Christian Gunungan

Rp 8.595.000,00



‘Wayang Wahyu’ was created in order to spread Catholicism. The story is taken based on the Old Testament which tells the stories of the times of the Prophets related to the Gospels, and continues with the stories in the New Testament that have functions for the education of Catholics. The characters in ‘Wayang Wahyu’ are made realistically with stylized ornaments and details similar to the ‘Wayang Kulit Purwa’ sunggingan (style of carving the leather). The characters in Wahyu include, Samson and Goliath figures while Jesus is depicted with a thorny crown.

Materials: Leather, gapit from buffalo horn, acrylic coloring and gold leaf

Dimensions: Size 100 cm x 60 cm x 3 cm,

Color: Gold color using Dragon Mark 99% Gold Leaf