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Mollo Weaving and the Guardian of Identity Webinar

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Mollo Weaving and the Guardian of Identity 

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Speakers :

  • Aleta Baun (An indigenous woman leader, the winner of Goldman Environmental Prize Award 2013, Founder of Mama Aleta Fund)
  • Siti Maimunah (Founder of Mama Aleta Fund, University of Passau, WEGO-ITN/Marie Sklodowska Curie Fellow.

Moderator : Grace Tanjohannes (Journalist)

In parts of Indonesia, weaving is a sign of a women's maturity. A woman is allowed to marry if she is able to make a fabric for herself and for the family. In the Mollo homeland, however, weaving is a tool to defend the Nausus and Anjaf, the rock mountains which hold the origin history of the Mollo indigenous people. In 2006, hundreds of weavers blockaded destructive marble mines. With their looms they wove non-stop until the company closed down. Aleta Baun was leading the resistance to protect the customary land.

In 2003, Aleta Baun established Pokja Organisasi A’Taimamus (OAT) to organize the indigenous people of Tiga Batu Tungku to protect the customary forest. They developed and organized the weaving groups around Timor Tengah Selatan district to preserve weaving and nature as well as to help the family economies to cope with the impacts of climate change. When Aleta Baun was awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize in 2013, she donated some of the money to establish the Mama Aleta Fund (MAF). “The mission of this fund is to identify and help other women ­ght in saving their livelihoods and their surroundings” Mama Aleta says.



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