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Batik -The Next Generation Webinar

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Batik -The Next Generation 

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1. Nuri Ningsih Hidayati- Founder of Marenggo Studio
2. Caroline Rika Winata- Founder of WIRU

Moderator : Tony Sugiarta, aNerd Gallery - Singapore

 ‘Next Generation Webinar’ spotlights two Meet the Maker’s artists with their batik and tie-dye works that bring the idealism of tradition and contemporary expression into the Now.

Caroline Rika Winata, Founder Of Wiru

Rika fell in love with the techniques of tie-dye and batik. So, after graduating from the Indonesia Institute of Arts with a major in textiles, Rika has worked mainly in these mediums. She has participated in several exhibitions, fashion shows, and design of contemporary dance costumes. Among these are ‘Intimate Distance’ at the National Gallery, Jakarta; the 6th Asian Fiber Arts Exhibition in Bentara Budaya, Jakarta; the Arafura Craft Indonesia-Australia Exchange exhibition at the MAGNT Darwin, Australia. Rika does research regarding the idiom of mass culture, such as train tickets, used bras, etc. The idiom helps in communicating messages through her artworks. In 2006 she launched her brand WIRU, as a brand of apparel products from her experiments in tie-dye and batik. Some women work together with her in her studio to produce Wiru brand clothes, cloth, scarves and some accessories.

Nuri Ningsih Hidayati, Founder of Marenggo

Studio Nuri has loved textiles since she was in high school when she would watch her mother batik and would help her batik and draw designs. She continued her schooling in the Craft Faculty of the Institute of Art of Indonesia in the textile division and after graduation she started teaching to women in rural areas. From this, she began to collaborate with some of the women she had taught in Karongan Jogotirto Berbah in Yogyakarta and has focused with them on the development of batik and tie-dye with natural dyes. In this village, there are 12 women who work with Nuri. Through her village work, she fell in love with the process of innovating motifs and natural dye experiments. She has now followed three fashion shows with these cloths. In 2017 because of her e­orts she was chosen to follow the Australia Awards program. Then in 2018 she received the Best Entrepreneur Award from Citi Bank. For the younger generation Nuri, has made unique designs with brighter natural dyes. She makes cloth, scarves and necklaces. These are labors of love made by Marenggo Natural Dyes in Indonesia.


" The webinars will be accessible through a minimum donation of USD $5. These donations will go directly to supporting the artisans featured in the webinars; for immediate needs and especially for the purchase of materials needed to continue their craft traditions."

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