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Ikat Weaving of Savu Island Webinar

Rp 5,00

Ikat Weaving of Savu Island

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Speakers :

  • Ice Tede Dara - Tewuni Rai Foundation
  • Genevieve Duggan - Anthropologist

Moderator : Dahlia Sardjono

Yayasan Tewuni Rai (Placenta of the Earth) is the weaving community of Pedèro Village on the island of Savu, Nusa Tenggara Timur, one of the few villages that continue to use the natural dyes, indigo and mengkudu (morinda citrifolia), to color their rich traditional ikat textiles. Tewuni Rai’s 28 female ikat weavers not only plant and harvest the vegetable dyes, some still grow cotton and spin it for handwoven textiles. The Savunese society is divided into two female lineage groups tracing their descent through two sisters. Certain motifs are specic to each group and essential for rituals so that one can read the island’s history while looking at the textiles. A dry island, this year Savu has su‑ered a serious drought, prohibiting rice planting, while accompanied by Covid 19, as well as, Asian Swine Flu which cost the village their pigs needed for rituals and protein. Closed markets have added to the trials of this dicult year. Tewuni Rai artisans have joined with Meet the Makers to share their remarkable skills and traditions through a new avenue enabled by technology.


" The webinars will be accessible through a minimum donation of USD $5. These donations will go directly to supporting the artisans featured in the webinars; for immediate needs and especially for the purchase of materials needed to continue their craft traditions."

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