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Philosophy of Batik, Three Artists' Perspectives Webinar

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Philosophy of Batik, Three Artists' Perspectives 

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  1. Imang Jasmine Imang - Jasmine Batik Studio
  2. Nia Fliam - Brahma Tirta Sari Batik Studio
  3. Agus Ismoyo- Brahma Tirta Sari Batik Studio

Moderator : Tony Sugiarta, aNerd Gallery - Singapore

A Glimpse of Imang Jasmine

Imang Jasmine grew up in a world of batik. He batiks for batik. He batiks to ­nd silence. After being involved in the world of photography for more than 20 years Imang Jasmine found many things which became a strong impetus for him to return home in 2014 to the city of his birth Pekalongan. He committed himself to study, to immerse himself in the world of batik art and he has been on that journey until now. In 2016 he created a workshop of his own in the village of Clumprit, Pekalongan. There he has created an atmosphere like the village of the batikers and their sociocultural life with 12-15 people working with him. The motifs of the hand drawn batik he creates are mostly inspired by his travels with colors combined from references of his photographic art and are made in limited editions. For Imang Jasmine batik represents his feelings created as a personal statement.

Cross Cultural Collaborations

Crossing both visible and invisible boundaries of nationality-ethnic background, the traditional-the contemporary, art-craft Agus Ismoyo (Indonesian) and Nia Fliam (American) have been working collaboratively to produce contemporary ­ne art textiles in their studio, Brahma Tirta Sari in Yogyakarta since 1985. From 1994 they have explored and worked in collaboration with indigenous communities around the world. They have received critical acclaim for their successful use of traditional textile techniques in exploring their own realm of creativity while pursuing an understanding of the value, role and meaning of tradition in the development of our world culture. They are committed to exploring the rich lessons of traditional Indonesian art both in terms of technique as well as symbolism which they have found as an unending, rich source of inspiration in an ever-expansive journey of artistic discovery. This process is founded in a deep connection to nature and manifested in an artistic ecology which supports the growth and development of all forms of artistic creativity. Brahma Tirta Sari (BTS) means ‘creativity is the source of all knowledge’. It is a division of the Babaran Segaragunung Culture House and Baragung is its social enterprise. The culture house’s activities focus on the understanding and teaching of batik’s intangible culture found through its ancient creative process.


" The webinars will be accessible through a minimum donation of USD $5. These donations will go directly to supporting the artisans featured in the webinars; for immediate needs and especially for the purchase of materials needed to continue their craft traditions."

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