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Nature and Art Weaving Dayak Stories Webinar

Rp 5,00

Nature and Art Weaving Dayak Stories

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Speakers :

  • Nurhalisa -Dayak weaver
  • Tri Renya Altaria - Craft Kalimantan Network
  • Novia Sagita - Culture and Environment Activist

Moderator : Mariene Danusutejo

The island of Borneo is known for its diverse rainforests and the ingenuity of the Dayak people. In 2008 several organizations formed the Crafts Kalimantan network toprovide capacity building support to Dayak artisans and to share more widely the richness behind Dayak art. Little is known about Dayak craftsmanship using natural materials such as the water reed "bemban", the rattan vine grown in home gardens called “simpukg”, the leaf ber "doyo" and natural dyes for intricate tie-dyed loom weaving called "ikat". In 2011 Borneo Chic was born as a social enterprise to support over 400 Dayak artisans in maintaining sustainable livelihoods based on local weaving traditions.

 The global pandemic has aected the artisans resulting in lost markets and access to materials. This impacts their ability to send children to school and reduces incomes. Through this webinar several Kalimantan-based speakers come online to share about the Museum Kapuas Raya and eorts to maintain ancient ikat weaving traditions. We hear about the story of how a network of organizations are striving to assist Dayak communities weave their art into the new generation.


" The webinars will be accessible through a minimum donation of USD $5. These donations will go directly to supporting the artisans featured in the webinars; for immediate needs and especially for the purchase of materials needed to continue their craft traditions."


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