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Ceramics of Java Stories of Techniques Webinar

Rp 5,00

Ceramics of Java Stories of Techniques

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Speakers :

  • Bregas Harrimardoyo
  • Suharno

 Moderator : Yugie Kartaatmaja

Pekunden Pottery was established in 1987 by senior ceramist Harriadi Mardoyo. At first they explored many types of ceramic techniques to look for one with the strongest characteristic, and finally in 1995 their studio developed a design style which is intrinsic to Indonesia. Their  designs are scratched on the surface of the ceramics with a sgraffito technique. And now Bregas Harrimardoyo, the second generation ceramic artist of Pekunden Pottery is responsible for developing their work while maintaining their destictinve ceramic style.

 The tradition of slanted thrown ceramics from the village of Pagerjurang, Bayat, Klaten in Central Java is a tradition from the region’s ancestors in Pagerjurang.   In Bayat the origin of the culture of making ceramics with a slanted throwing wheel is unknown.  In the beginning, because there is no written history that explains about this process, it is believed that it came at the time of the spreading of Islam in Bayat by Sunan Padang Arang in the 16th century.

 In the year of 1997, Prof. Chitaru Kawasaki from the Kyoto Seika University came to Pagerjurang with the vision of ‘Save our Culture'.  He mentioned that from his research as long as 24 years, the culture of the slanted throwing wheel had only been developed in Indonesia, that is in Bali and Pagerjuang.  However, in Bali the tradition has almost vanished. 



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