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Revitalizing the Batak Weaving Tradition Webinar

Rp 5,00

Revitalizing the Batak Weaving Tradition 

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Speakers : 

  • Renny Manurung - Weaver, entrepreneur
  • Sandra Niessen - Anthropologist

Moderator : Andi Haryadi S.SN

Lake Toba is a crater lake in North Sumatra, which just this month received the UNESCO designation, 'Geopark'. The area around this spectacular lake is home to the Batak people, of which there are several groups, each with its own language and traditions, including weaving traditions. The Batak backstrap loom and techniques are among the oldest in the archipelago. Alas, the tradition is now in sharp decline due to an unsupportive economic climate.

Renny Manurung is a young, creative and prize-winning Toba Batak weaver from the Silindung Valley, to the South of the Lake. Since meeting anthropologist, Sandra Niessen, who documented the Batak weaving tradition, Renny has been reviving traditional designs. She works with an excellent team of weavers and derives inspiration from Sandra's book, Legacy in cloth, Batak Textiles of Indonesia. Since before COVID-19, she has been dedicated to maintaining and developing their textile market. She knows that the tradition can only be maintained if the weavers receive sufficient support.


" The webinars will be accessible through a minimum donation of USD $5. These donations will go directly to supporting the artisans featured in the webinars; for immediate needs and especially for the purchase of materials needed to continue their craft traditions."

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