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Marenggo - Tritik Jawa

Rp 2.400.000,00


Tritik Jawa
Motif Name: Tritik Jawa
Tritik is one of the technical names in Java, with the thread as a color barrier. Develop tritik techniques by making new motifs that are the merging of traditional Javanese motifs consisting of the motifs Truntum, Kawung, Parang, Wahyu hereditary, and Sidomukti. The motive has a story.

Color Coletan: Tingi Wood, Tegeran Wood, Jolawe Fruit Skin

Fabric Function: Usually used for materials for making tops or for wall hanging displayed in the room

Year of Manufacture: 2020

Materials: 100% Cotton

Dimensions: 250 cm x 115 cm

Color: Dyed Color: Ocean Blue uses Indigo Blue