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Marenggo - Pagi Sore Marenggo (Blue)

Rp 3.345.000,00


Handmade batik
Motif Name: Pagi Sore Marenggo
This motif is a Marenggo masterpiece product. Tells about our efforts to work and hope to be useful. Described with plants that spread and made a fence which means we care for the beauty of nature. There are two types of colors for this motif, namely blue and black.

Dyed Color: Blue using Indigo, Jolawe Fruit Skin and High Wood

Color Coletan: Tingi Wood, Tegeran Wood, Jolawe Fruit Skin

Fabric Function: Usually used for fabric (needles) or for wall hanging in the room

Year of Manufacture: 2020

Materials: 100% Cotton

Dimensions: 250 cm x 115 cm

Color: Blue