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Gerai Nusantara - Ikat Sa'dan

Rp 11.375.000,00


This product is made by Sa'dan indigenous women, North Toraja. This weaving is a type of tie-weaving with natural coloring. Using yarn from manual spun cotton. The red color is obtained from the blending of mengkudu roots (Morinda citrifolia) and areca nuts (Areca catechu). The blue color is obtained from the leaves of tarum (Indigofera sp.) And the black color from the leaves of bilangte (Homalanthus populneus). The motifs have many philosophy are inspired by their customary. One of them is the paulu karua motif which was inspired by the eighth story (karua) of their ancestors who had passed down knowledge related to human life.

Materials: Tie weaving with natural coloring

Dimensions: heigt 250 cm, wide: 120

Color: Varied