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Gerai Nusantara - Ikat Dobo (M)

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There are two types of Dobo Weaving, namely Lipa and Utan.  Lipa is the local name of weaving which usually worn by men.  Utan is the local name of weaving worn by women.  Weaving is one of the ancestral activities carried out by indigenous women in Iantena Community to this day.  The Eban Watan weaving group was created to market textiles made by the Iantena community. The customary territory of the Iantena community is in Sikka District, East Nusa Tenggara. Dobo is the name of the village that is famous for ancient artifacts called Jong Dobo. It is said, the artifacts that are made of bronze only appear during traditional rituals by Tana Puan (Indigenous Elders). In their kampong (smaller area divisions of the village) there are Watu Mahe, these are stones that are locally named dolmen and menhir stones. These megalithic objects are found in their customary forests. They have several dances to accompany their traditional rituals. One of them is the traditional ritual, Nuru which is a dance to reject calamity. This ritual is usually held in May every year before the harvest. Another type of dance is Jata Kapa Dobo, which is a dance to welcome guests. This dance tells the process of weaving from beginning to end.


Materials: Dobo Weaving

Dimensions: High: 150 cm Wide: 40 cm

Color: Black and White