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Cinta Bumi - Barkcloth Wristlet Pouch - JATI Maroon

Rp 350.000,00


Combining centuries-old heritage of barkcloth-making with a touch of contemporary natural dye method of ecoprinting, this Barkcloth Pouch is meaningful and functional vegan pouch to keep your daily essentials -- from cash and cosmetics to stationery and sewing kit.

● a room for your essentials
● Zipper lock (nickel-free brass zipper)
● Detachable hand strap


● Beaten-barkcloth (Paper Mulberry) ethically sourced and made by barkcloth               artisans in Bada Valley, Central Sulawesi.
● Bundle-dyed with teak leaves and pine leaves (front side) and naturally-dyed with       mixture of morinda citrifolia and indigofera tinctoria (rear side).
● Cotton linen lining and handle.


Width: 15 cm
Length: 23 cm


Primary: Off-white (front), Maroon (rear)
Secondary: Subtle Purple and Brown (leaf print)


Elizabeth Kalehe: Barkcloth Artisan
Novieta Tourisia: Natural Dyer, Product Designer
Rohman: Tailor