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BIFE & Women Weaver Community from Mollo (Cloth from the Ethnic Group Amanatun)

Rp 4.460.000,00

Cloth from the Ethnic Group Amanatun


This motif tells about the Nesnai ethnic group that see their origins in crocodiles from the coast. The blue or black basic colors show that in the sea there are many animals and crocodiles that protect small animals. There are also fish that are guarded by crocodiles. Crocodiles have the power to enrich themselves and use corals to enrich themselves, but many corals limit crocodiles in sea water. This tribe has lived on this land for generations. This motif needs 6 months to be developed. Natural dyes and cotton yarn are used.

Material: Natural Dyes 

Dimension: Length : 2,10 m, Width : 1,10 m, Motif : Bu uaya 

Color: Varied 

Village : Fatumnasi, Amanatun Utara