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Contemporary features and colorful hues are distinctive marks of WIRU designs. The WIRU brand was created by Caroline Rika Winata, a textile artist who loves colors, dyes, batik, and Indonesian fabrics. Since its launch in December 2006, Rika has always made a line of limited edition products in the form of fabrics, scarves, shawls, and also unique apparel made from the WIRU studio in Yogyakarta.



Rika explores textile creations using tie-dye techniques which are the most basic and ancient fabric dyeing techniques found in the world. Fabric staining with this technique is commonly found in India, Africa, and Japan. Japanese people call it  shibori..



In Indonesia, the term tie-dye is not very popular although many people know it by the name of cloth jumputan or ikat cloth. The principle of tie-dye is the process of coloring the fabric by holding the color into the fabric with a bond. Ties on the fabric before coloring will make the colors and patterns random or patterned after the dyeing process is complete. Although it is made in a similar process, we can be sure that the pattern (motifs of jumputan or ikat cloth) will not be the same even on the same length of cloth. This is what makes jumputan cloth seem exclusive and attracts many fans.