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Tafean Pah



Tafean Pah, a non-profit foundation established in 1990 by Yovita Meta, serves 150 weavers in 10 villages from the Biboki community in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Its aim has been to support and educate the community’s artisans, to sustain, revive and update their traditional artwork. Ikat weaving, using hand looms, has been a special feature of the region and these cloths are integral in the life of this community.

The weavers and embroiderers use cotton threads, produced from locally grown trees, and natural dyes. Yovita Meta received the honorable Upakarti Prize from the Indonesian government in 1992 and the prestigious Prince Claus Award in 2003. During COVID-19, the local markets have closed, making it almost impossible for the weavers to purchase threads and sell their products through the normal channels.



Despite this, these artisans share and work together to maintain a strong motivation amidst COVID-19 and this year’s drought. Tafean Pah’s participation in Meet the Makers is one of the outreach efforts to support funds for materials and sales for the livelihood of these gifted artisans so that they might continue their work.