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Songket Deli

Songket Deli is a traditionally handwoven fabric with high quality materials. Songket Deli is designed with particular motifs from Deli Land, such as Deli Tobacco Leaf, Deli Tobacco Flower, Maimoon Palace, etc. This fabric is closely related to Deli Malay culture that is full of symbols and distinctive values. Due to fears of extinction, Irham Syahrazi and Tengku Syarfina built the Khazanah Warisan Melayu Foundation that preserves Deli Malay cultural products. This foundation also develops Deli Malay cultural products by reconstructing the family dress tradition of the Deli Sultanate Palace to also be worn by the wider community.


Nowdays, the foundation has created the gallery that is directed by Tengku Irfania Rahmadhani in order to realize the ideals of popularizing songket and kebaya Melayu Deli (a traditional female blouse). Previously, Songket Deli was identical with the palace environment and formal events of the empire. Now, this gallery wants to introduce it as suitable for the office, a casual atmosphere, or party attire. Thus, each level of society will be able to see the breadth of its functions. In addition, Deli songket also becomes a suitable choice for souvenirs typical from Medan and as a location where it has developed and been revitalized. 



At present, the Khazanah Warisan Melayu Foundation through its IR & IR Gallery has produced dozens of Malay Deli songkets with a variety of floral motifs that grow in the North Sumatra region. The songket collection of IR & IR productions has very distinctive, striking colors and a glamorous lifestyle character of the aristocratic families of olden times.