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Pekunden Pottery

Pekunden Pottery creates simple ceramic works that apply graffito techniques in making patterns over the ceramic surfaces. Each work is drawn one by one with minimal repetition to maintain originality and individuality, as well as distinctive characterics from Pekunden ceramic studios. The specialty of Pekunden Pottery is the drawing of Indonesian patterns on the ceramics surfaces and the simplicity of the shape of the ceramics.



According to the Pekunden, ceramics is a canvas to carve the nuances of Indonesia. The canvas doesn't need to be complicated, it's quite simple. So, the cultural developments from all over Indonesia can be put on the surface of ceramics. In 1987, Pekunden ceramics studio was founded by senior ceramist Harriadi Mardoyo. Now, the tradition is continued by Bregas Harrimardoyo, the second generation of Pekunden Pottery. As he was familiar with ceramics activities during his childhood, Bregas has learned how to create new forms of ceramics since he was 5 years old and began to get more serious after graduating from high school. He felt challenged and attracted to work similar to his father after often seeing his works. Now, for 16 years Bregas has studied ceramic handicrafts and continues his father's art legacy.