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Mupakara has the meaning of caring for or guarding in the Sanskrit language.The spirit of the meaning of  Mupakara  grows through each touch in the designs which tell  once again about the richness of nature and culture in the land we walk upon. Guarding also the pride of the culture of IndonesiaNusantara.

Mupakara | MTM Indonesia   

The technique of creating the designs by piercing the leather, that has become the special characteristic of Mupakara, is also a technique that has been done by artisans in Yogyakarta for a long time.  However now it can rarely be found.  Artisans that produce leather goods with this punch technique have gone to other jobs because of the decline in the market

Mupakara sees the very interesting potential of the local talent and brings this technique back to fashion lovers.  Our hope is in the future we can invite more artisans to collaborate in creating products with this technique.