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Marenggo Natural Dyed Batik is a batik brand that focuses on natural dyes, inspired by the development of natural dyes by the ancestors and the reinvention of natural dyes as a continuation and love for Indonesia's heritage. Marenggo utilizes artisans to combine beautiful handmade details and traditional fabric techniques in their collections by partnering with a local artisans. The unique aspect of Marenggo is in its batik education program with natural dyes in the village environment in order to empower women and young people as the new generation of batik.


Marenggo focuses on hand drawn batik products with natural dyes, as well as stamped batik combinations, and natural color tritik (a sewn tie-dye technique) with unique and different themes. Marenggo’s batik style is typically dominated by natural brown, blue, and red colors and has a unique and interesting theme because it does not follow motifs that have been known so far. Raw materials used in Marenggo’s natural dyes are  processed from mango leaves, rambutan leaves, mahogany wood, jackfruit wood, talok leaves, sapodilla leaves, guava leaves, ketapang leaves, marenggo leaves, kesumba, teak wood, indigo, tall wood, jelawe wood, secang wood, tegaran, jambal, swollen, mangosteen peel, to gambier. Some materials are obtained around the Marenggo studio. The process of making batik in Marenggo involves the regeneration of enthusiastic young batik makers and creative and fostered housewives to produce work that is valuable, exclusive, and different.