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LAWE Indonesia was founded by five women that share same passion and love for Indonesia traditional hand-woven. From time to time, traditional weavers face same challenges. They have limitation in marketing their work, and feel unable to compete with modern industrial fabric. Majority of them are only able to produce hand-woven fabric sheet, scarves, saroong, with less of product diversification.

Aiming to resolve the issue, LAWE creates a transformation of traditional hand-woven fabric into functional modern products and lift the added value to increase its competitiveness in global market. Today LAWE organizes more than 100 artisans with the help from 18 dedicated people in a core team to make the dreams come true.

As a community business that carry social missions, LAWE has a focus on exploring and developing the potential skill of people who involved. LAWE product design was created according to market needs and the ability of the artisans. LAWE standpoint is improvement the lives of artisans, not
only the design value.

In carrying out its mission on conserving traditional hand-woven, LAWE provides capacity building for weavers groups all around Indonesia. The knowledge shared are about weaving quality improvement, quality control skill, color harmony based on the market demands, pattern development, and community business management. LAWE also encourage weavers to dig up their hand-woven motives heritage,  exploring their cultural symbols and stories, then recreate their own new motives with their own background stories.


Whereas in the implementation of women's empowerment mission, LAWE conducts different kind of handicraft production trainings, with a goal of self sufficient livelihood of the artisans. When their work meet and accepted by market,  and they obtain reliable income each month, we called them graduate from this program.

LAWE also open up creative classes for kindergarten and elementary students, for diffable and person with special  needs, and receive student internships from colleges and universities both inside and outside Indonesia.