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Gerai Nusantara

Gerai Nusantara is a business entity that was built by AMAN (the Indigenous Peoples' Alliance of the Archipelago) to promote quality products from members of AMAN. We are one of the business units of KPAM (the AMAN Mandiri Producer's Cooperative) with members spread throughout the archipelago.

Cooperates with more than 40 indigenous communities across Indonesia to produce and promote quality weaving, handicrafts and ready-made products.  Most of the revenue from Gerai Nusantara is reinvested into indigenous communities to support the economic independence and the preservation of Indonesia's cultural heritage.  Our products have a philosophy and a story that will inspire you to learn more about the culture of Indonesia.

We strive to provide the best products. Our range includes woven cloth and handicrafts, non-timber forest products, and innovative fashion items.  We offer both regular and premium quality woven cloth, which use natural dyes and traditionally spun thread and follow traditional loom-weaving methods.

Also offer souvenirs for meeting packages, such as GoodieBags made from woven cloth from Gerai Nusantara's collection.  For more information, please visit our outlet in Bogor and Bali. 

AMAN was formed on March 17, 1999 in Jakarta, at the first congress of indegenous peoples from across the archipelago.  AMAN's vision is to embody indigenous peoples' sovereignty, independence and dignity in their own land.