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Cinta Bumi Artisans

Cinta Bumi began after a two-year (2013-2015) cultural research project for community-based ecotourism initiative in Central Sulawesi as well as inspiration from the wisdom of Mother Nature. In 2015, Cinta Bumi Artisans was born. In Indonesian Cinta Bumi means love the earth. This name was derived from the belief in life that when we love and take care for the earth, she will take care of us.

For the love of the Earth and for the love of art, we create ethical handmade goods and wearable poetry by fusing indigenous wisdom, artisanal craftsmanship, and mindful innovation.



Our home-based studio in Ubud, Bali, is filled with unlimited dreams and inspirations circulating through the entire process and the creations we make. Whether it’s bark cloth bags,  jewelry, eco-printed scarves or tunic dresses, each piece of our wearable poetry is mindfully and individually handcrafted. We make these in small batches using ethical materials through a slow and meditative process that is kind to the environment.  We also consider the people in the making process and the people who wear the products.

At Cinta Bumi Artisans, we are committed to embody and inspire authenticand memorable handcrafted wearable poetry. These objects we hope will creates a positive influence and will be your delightful companion in years to come.

Cinta Bumi